Attendance Policy   

Daily attendance and arriving to school on time are key factors that affect high levels of student achievement and success. Although there are times when students must be absent; students are required to be in attendance every day and on time.  The State of Indiana expects your child to be in school at least 95% of the time.  In a 180-day school year, this means that no child should miss more than nine days of school.  It is extremely important that your child comes to school and is on time each and every day.  Arriving late is not acceptable.  We are trying to prepare children for the real world; and in the real world of work, employees are expected to be present and on time. We know that there are days when a child cannot attend school due to illness, when this is the case parents are expected to call the school to inform us that the student will not be in attendance and the reason why.   We are asking for the full cooperation of parents to ensure that your children are in school and on time.  Below is a snapshot of the Attendance Guidelines for O'Bannon Elementary School.

5 days absent or tardy---phone call from Attendance Coordinator and/or red-flag warning letter.

10 days absent or tardy---conference scheduled with Attendance Coordinator.

15 days absent or tardy---referral to District Truancy Officer.

18 days absent or tardy--- referral to Truancy Court and/or Child Protective Services for academic neglect.  Effective July 1, 2013 SEA 338 amends IC 20-20-8-8.  Chronic absenteeism includes students absent from school for ten percent or more of a school year.  10 percent equals 18 days of absences excused or unexcused.

30 days absent or tardy---According to SCH policy, automatic retention is at the discretion of the school.

                   *New Policy for Tardies and Early Dismissals*                        

10 Tardies-----Student will lose recess every time they are tardy from that time on.

2 Unexcused Early Dismissals---Student will lose recess every time they are removed from school and does not bring in a verifying physician/dentist note or other documentation showing valid reason for the early dismissal.

We thank all parents/guardians in advance for your cooperation in this matter.  If you have any questions or concerns, please call Mrs. Cook at 219-989-7360 extension 8553.  

Mrs. La Shawn Cook,  Attendance Coordinator

Mrs. Allison Lenzo, Principal