Homework Expectations

Reading -     Read assigned story Nightly.
     Homework packet
-Due the first day of the next week.

Math-     Home-Link (or practice test)
Due the following day completed (will be checked in class)

-     Study the words daily.
                      There will be a final test on Friday.   

Homework assignment for both spelling, word study, and word wall words due on the following day.  
Monday – Write each word 4 times each. Number each word

Tuesday – Appearing words.   Example    m          Number each word

                     m  -  ma -  map             OR       ma

               Wednesdays - the type of sentences switches each week.
Wednesday – Write sentences.
(Declarative or Imperative = command sentences using
(.) period)  OR
(Exclamatory sentences =
(!)  OR
(Imperative sentences or polite commands (.)
Use1 or more words (BOX EACH WORD) in each sentence.

Thursday – ABC order  Number each word