Family Involvement

Parents are an Integral/IMPORTANT Part of Title 1!

Family Involvement is the part of our school where we encourage parents to participate in the educational life of their child. We encourage this participation by inviting parents to attend:

Side-by-Sides - these are classroom visits where parents are invited into the classroom to participate with their child during a lesson. O'Bannon has two of these each year. In the fall parents are invited to a Language Arts focused lesson and in the Spring parents are invited to a Math focused lesson.

Family Fun Nights - where we come together as a school community and enjoy crafts and simple educational games. O'Bannon holds two of these each year. In the Fall we hold a Fall Family Fest and in the Spring we hold a Cinco de Mayo night. Students, parents, and their guests are invited to enjoy an evening of fun.

Parent/Teacher conferences - Conferences are held after the end of the first and second trimester. Teachers schedule a time to meet individually with parents to discuss the progress of their child. Attendance at conferences is mandatory and is the only way to pick up your child's report card.

Informational meetings - Informational meetings are held throughout the school year on a variety of topics. At the beginning of the year the Principal holds an Annual Meeting and explains what it means to be a Title I school. Teachers also hold Grade Level meetings in the beginning of the year, where parents can learn about the standards their children will work on in the upcoming year. Other informational meetings occur throughout the year. Parents can learn about these opportunities by following O'Bannon on Facebook, checking the website, and by checking the monthly event calendar.

We also encourage our parents to become active members of our PTA.

O'Bannon offers, through Family Involvement, a variety of parent workshops on a variety of topics. These workshops are geared to guide parents on how they can help their child at home. These topics include:

Helping your child at home

Health, Safety, and Nutrition


Listening and Writing Skills



Summer Fun


Family Involvement Policy - Parents are needed and encouraged to help plan/change our Title 1 school's policy. This document is reviewed annually in the spring. It is important that parents give input on this document as it affects our school community.